Discontinuation Notice

Hello Community,


I’m going to preface this by saying thank you! This website has received multiple thousands of unique visits during the first weeks of 2021. Many new people have decided to register; I’m insanely grateful to have been able to establish this community. However, there has come a time where it is time to consider the server costs as well as the team required to keep this site running. It has become impossible for us to manage this website and keep up with a social media presence, advertising, management and support costs. The time and financial resources required even to support the current network are over-ambitious for our team. As such, a difficult decision had to be made.


As of March 11th, 2021, Teo Church will close registrations and shutdown many social modules to the exception of the bare minimum.


As of March 31th, 2021, Teo Church will be officially discontinued, and all of its related services will be shut down.


Most personally identifiable information will be erased or unassociated from your personal username. Information that may be kept for legal purposes will include transaction records, UGC, server logs and uploaded media. For more information, please consult our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Community Guidelines.


It has been a great couple of years, and we thank you for your continued support during them.


This is not a final goodbye. We hope that we may interact again in the future through another project or eliminate the barriers that are holding the network back.


For any questions, concerns or ideas, please email us at:

admin [at] teoserver [dot] com