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Danganronpa, Undertale and Deltarune fans UNITE


Why Join Teo Church Social Network?

We unite all Danganronpa, Underale or Deltarune fans in this new social network designed to build a community with fun events, custom points, badges and an active moderation team. Best of all, its completely free! Read more…

Meet New People all over the World

We have members from all corners of the world and cultures. This makes this social media stronger and more diversified.


Fun events and Awesome Features

We regularly update this media with multiple new events and continue to support active users with points and badges. Stay tuned for more awesome features.

Find People with Your Same Interests

Connect with other people sharing the same love and appreciation for Kokichi, Toriel or Kris in a multitude of curated groups and forums.


Community Reviews

Here is what some of our members are saying about Teo Church


Amazing Community

I really like it. I never would’ve expected that there will ever be 1 community for my 3 favourite games united!! I like the idea of it, i like the style and I have no problems with it overall. Keep up the good work!!

100+ Hope Fragments

11037 stars

Very epic website!! Beautiful design, amazing features and s a n s. I can finally "tweet" bs without potentially ruining my future career :yum: So good for my random humor hahah :zany_face: Messaging is fun and easy FRICK OFF KRISAK lolol. My fav website to share and discuss the Holy Trinity LOVE IT uwu

Gay or European?

Incredible Design!

It's very easy to use and connects me with my daily dose of Danganronpa!

Avid member

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