Author: Teo

What’s New? – Release Log 2.13

After the latest maintenance (sorry it took so long), here is everything that has changed and that will impact your experience.

Release Log 2.13

  • Improved user navigation (buttons, links)
  • Updated web libraries to work better with newer browser versions
  • Updated PWA (App)
    • Removed gimmicky features that slowed down the experience (ex. haptic feedback)
    • Increased loading speeds (before and after cache)
    • Fixed multiple redirection loops
  • Optimized images (they load 40% faster now!)
  • Retired Teo’s Corner
  • Retired the online shop
  • Retired browser notifications
  • Removed WhatsApp integration
  • Added Reddit integration
  • Other various bug fixes and enhancements

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Where are the other version change logs?

Not all versions get change logs since they may not be significant enough. However, every 0.x version will include a change log.

Earn Hope Fragments

How do you earn Hope Fragments? (HP)

Refer to the table below to learn about all of the ways to earn fragments for completing tasks on the website.




Maximum once = per day

Maximum 10 times = per week

Refer-a-Friend Initiative


In our efforts to expand the reach of the website, we will award Hope Fragments for referrals.

50 Hope Fragments for referred registration

5 Hope Fragment for referred visit


How to refer?

Each user has a unique URL that can be shared with friends, every registration or visit through the link is considered a referral.

Your unique links are:

Home Page:[mycred_affiliate_id]

Registration Page:[mycred_affiliate_id]


What if a user registers without using the link?

You can send me a PM and I will manually award you the points, please include your affiliate id: [mycred_affiliate_id]


Thank you for your efforts to make this community bigger and better!