Community Guidelines

Last updated: 07/23/2020

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We’re a worldwide network of numerous sorts of individuals, who all reserve the privilege to feel great and who may not think what you think, accept what you accept, or see what you see. Thus, be obliging and conscious in your connections with different individuals.

So as to make a positive and drawing in condition for members, we request that all users approach each other with respect. Users may differ with a thought; notwithstanding, they should be deferential of others consistently. Abuse, dangers or badgering of different users, associations or representatives are disallowed.


Teo Church won’t endure and maintains its authority to erase – to the full degree that each individual online life stage permits – any post or remarks that:


– are abusive, obscene, scornful, bigot, xenophobic, homophobic, chauvinist, disreputable, foul or wrong;


– support or recommend criminal behaviour, declarations from work or political associations and indiscernible or superfluous posts.


– are random to the subjects and establishments introduced on the site and do not follow its principles and interests;

We want to hear from you and inspire comments, critiques, questions, and suggestions. We ask that you genuinely stay on topic, recognize different people’s opinions, keep away from profanity, offensive statements, unlawful content, and whatever else that could in any other case violate our standard terms and conditions.