What’s New? – Release Log 2.13


After the latest maintenance (sorry it took so long), here is everything that has changed and that will impact your experience.

Release Log 2.13

  • Improved user navigation (buttons, links)
  • Updated web libraries to work better with newer browser versions
  • Updated PWA (App)
    • Removed gimmicky features that slowed down the experience (ex. haptic feedback)
    • Increased loading speeds (before and after cache)
    • Fixed multiple redirection loops
  • Optimized images (they load 40% faster now!)
  • Retired Teo’s Corner
  • Retired the online shop
  • Retired browser notifications
  • Removed WhatsApp integration
  • Added Reddit integration
  • Other various bug fixes and enhancements

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Where are the other version change logs?

Not all versions get change logs since they may not be significant enough. However, every 0.x version will include a change log.

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