Sprinkled across the room were lights, scattered on the walls and ceiling almost as if they were stars. In the gloomy atmosphere that the room portrayed, the pods of the 15 students that had previously partaken the Hope Restauration program were centered around a circular pillar positioned in its center. The air in the room felt heavy, almost as if there was not any at all. This room, locked out from the outside world, felt like a relic or a catacomb containing the dead bodies of important emperors, but they were very much still alive. The pods shined a green, almost alien light, and the monitors positioned in front of them displayed their vitals as well as personal information. The room had been recently filled with technicians, the world’s best neurologists and the Ultimates, Makoto, Byakuya and Kyoko on behalf of the Future Foundation. Next to them were Akane, Fuyohiko, Kazuichi and Sonia, they had already woken up from their not-so-peaceful slumber and were all awaiting the renewal of a single person.

This person peacefully enjoying another hot minute in his pod was Hajime Hinata. Although his appearance did portray it, he was no longer Izuru Kamukura, and all his compatriot’s memories were wiped to before their admittance in Hope’s Peak Academy. Everyone was looking at him as if he were an alien, and the only clue that he was alive was his chest, rising and falling back again to a steadily calm rhythm. As he was first opening his eyes,

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